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    Placing a given tumor into one of these categories depends on well-defined histological features: size, lymphovascular invasion , mitotic counts, Ki labelling index, invasion of adjacent organs, presence of metastases and whether they produce hormones.

    Traditionally, neuroendocrine tumors have been classified by their anatomic site of origin. NETs can arise in many different areas of the body, and are most often located in the intestine , pancreas or the lungs.

    The various kinds of cells that can give rise to NETs are present in endocrine glands and are also diffusely distributed throughout the body, most commonly Kulchitsky cells or similar enterochromaffin-like cells , that are relatively more common in the gastrointestinal and pulmonary systems.

    NETs include certain tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and of the pancreatic islet cells , [1] certain thymus and lung tumors, and medullary carcinoma of the parafollicular cells of the thyroid.

    Within the broad category of neuroendocrine tumors there are many different tumor types: [7] this outline is presented to facilitate retrieving information.

    Neuroendocrine tumors are uncommon in many of these areas, and frequently represent only a very small proportion of the tumors or cancers at these locations.

    Neuroendocrine lesions are graded histologically according to markers of cellular proliferation, rather than cellular polymorphism. The following grading scheme is currently recommended for all gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms by the World Health Organization : [35].

    If mitotic count and Ki are discordant, the figure which gives the highest grade is used. G1 and G2 neuroendocrine neoplasms are called neuroendocrine tumors NETs — formerly called carcinoid tumours.

    G3 neoplasms are called neuroendocrine carcinomas NECs. It has been proposed that the current G3 category be further separated into histologically well-differentiated and poorly-differentiated neoplasms to better reflect prognosis.

    Currently there is no one staging system for all neuroendocrine neoplasms. Well differentiated lesions generally have their own staging system based on anatomical location, whereas poorly differentiated and mixed lesions are staged as carcinomas of that location.

    For example, gastric NEC and mixed adenoneuroendocrine cancers are staged as a primary carcinoma of the stomach. Conceptually, there are two main types of NET within the gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors GEP-NET category: those which arise from the gastrointestinal GI system and those that arise from the pancreas.

    In usage, the term "carcinoid" has often been applied to both, although sometimes it is restrictively applied to NETs of GI origin as herein , or alternatively to those tumors which secrete functional hormones or polypeptides associated with clinical symptoms, as discussed.

    Carcinoids most commonly affect the small bowel, particularly the ileum, and are the most common malignancy of the appendix. Many carcinoids are asymptomatic and are discovered only upon surgery for unrelated causes.

    These coincidental carcinoids are common; one study found that one person in ten has them. A carcinoid crisis with profound flushing, bronchospasm, tachycardia, and widely and rapidly fluctuating blood pressure [1] can occur if large amounts of hormone are acutely secreted, [48] which is occasionally triggered by factors such as diet, [48] alcohol, [48] surgery [1] [48] chemotherapy, [48] embolization therapy or radiofrequency ablation.

    Chronic exposure to high levels of serotonin causes thickening of the heart valves , particularly the tricuspid and the pulmonic valves, and over a long period can lead to congestive heart failure.

    Many other hormones can be secreted by some of these tumors, most commonly growth hormone that can cause acromegaly , or cortisol, that can cause Cushing's syndrome.

    Occasionally, haemorrhage or the effects of tumor bulk are the presenting symptoms. Bowel obstruction can occur, sometimes due to fibrosing effects of NET secretory products [46] with an intense desmoplastic reaction at the tumor site, or of the mesentery.

    Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors PanNETs are often referred to as "islet cell tumors", [50] [51] or "pancreatic endocrine tumors" [2].

    The PanNET denomination is in line with current WHO guidelines. Historically, PanNETs have also been referred to by a variety of terms, and are still often called "islet cell tumors" or "pancreatic endocrine tumors".

    PanNETs are quite distinct from the usual form of pancreatic cancer , adenocarcinoma, which arises in the exocrine pancreas.

    Well or intermediately differentiated PanNETs are sometimes called islet cell tumors; neuroendocrine cancer NEC synonymous with islet cell carcinoma is more aggressive.

    In addition to the two main categories of GEP-NET, there are rarer forms of neuroendocrine tumors that arise anywhere in the body, including within the lung , thymus and parathyroid.

    Bronchial carcinoid can cause airway obstruction, pneumonia , pleurisy , difficulty with breathing, cough, and hemoptysis , or may be associated with weakness, nausea, weight loss, night sweats, neuralgia, and Cushing's syndrome.

    Some are asymptomatic. Animal neuroendocrine tumors include neuroendocrine cancer of the liver in dogs, and devil facial tumor disease in Tasmanian devils.

    Most pancreatic NETs are sporadic. Given these associations, recommendations in NET include family history evaluation, evaluation for second tumors, and in selected circumstances testing for germline mutations such as for MEN1.

    NETs are believed to arise from various neuroendocrine cells whose normal function is to serve at the neuroendocrine interface.

    Neuroendocrine cells are present not only in endocrine glands throughout the body that produce hormones , but are found in all body tissues. Symptoms from secreted hormones may prompt measurement of the corresponding hormones in the blood or their associated urinary products, for initial diagnosis or to assess the interval change in the tumor.

    Secretory activity of the tumor cells is sometimes dissimilar to the tissue immunoreactivity to particular hormones. Given the diverse secretory activity of NETs there are many other potential markers, but a limited panel is usually sufficient for clinical purposes.

    Newer markers include N-terminally truncated variant of Hsp70 is present in NETs but absent in normal pancreatic islets. Neuroendocrine secretory protein, a member of the chromogranin family, is seen in pancreatic endocrine tumors but not intestinal NETs.

    For morphological imaging, CT-scans , MRIs , sonography ultrasound , and endoscopy including endoscopic ultrasound are commonly used.

    Multiphase CT and MRI are typically used both for diagnostics and for evaluation of therapy. The multiphase CT should be performed before and after an intravenous injection of an iodine-based contrast agent, both in the late arterial phase and in the portal venous phase triple-phase study.

    While MRI is generally superior to CT, both for detection of the primary tumor and for evaluation of metastases, CECT is more widely available, even at academic institutions.

    Therefore, multiphase CT is often the modality of choice. Advances in nuclear medicine imaging, also known as molecular imaging, has improved diagnostic and treatment paradigms in patients with neuroendocrine tumors.

    This is because of its ability to not only identify sites of disease but also characterize them. Neuronedocrine tumours express somatostatin receptors providing a unique target for imaging.

    Octreotide is a synthetic modifications of somatostatin with a longer half-life. Somatostatin receptor imaging can now be performed with positron emission tomography PET which offers higher resolution, three-dimensional and more rapid imaging.

    Gallium receptor PET -CT is much more accurate than an OctreoScan. Imaging with fluorine fluorodeoxyglucose FDG PET may be valuable to image some neuroendocrine tumors.

    Tumors that grow more quickly use more sugar. Using this scan, the aggressiveness of the tumor can be assessed. Functional imaging with Gallium-labelled somatostatin analog and 18F-FDG PET tracers ensures better staging and prognostication of neuroendocrine neoplasms.

    The combination of somatostatin receptor and FDG PET imaging is able to quantify somatostatin receptor cell surface SSTR expression and glycolytic metabolism, respectively.

    This is enabling better selection of the most appropriate therapy for an individual patient. Neuroendocrine tumors, despite differing embryological origin, have common phenotypic characteristics.

    NETs show tissue immunoreactivity for markers of neuroendocrine differentiation pan-neuroendocrine tissue markers and may secrete various peptides and hormones.

    There is a lengthy list of potential markers in neuroendocrine tumors; several reviews provide assistance in understanding these markers.

    Neuron-specific enolase NSE is less specific. NETs are often small, yellow or tan masses, often located in the submucosa or more deeply intramurally, and they can be very firm due to an accompanying intense desmoplastic reaction.

    The overlying mucosa may be either intact or ulcerated. Some GEP-NETs invade deeply to involve the mesentery.

    The cells may align variously in islands, glands or sheets. High power examination shows bland cytopathology.

    Electron microscopy can identify secretory granules. There is usually minimal pleomorphism but less commonly there can be anaplasia , mitotic activity, and necrosis.

    Some neuroendocrine tumor cells possess especially strong hormone receptors , such as somatostatin receptors and uptake hormones strongly.

    This avidity can assist in diagnosis and may make some tumors vulnerable to hormone targeted therapies.

    NETs from a particular anatomical origin often show similar behavior as a group, such as the foregut which conceptually includes pancreas, and even thymus, airway and lung NETs , midgut and hindgut ; individual tumors within these sites can differ from these group benchmarks:.

    Several issues help define appropriate treatment of a neuroendocrine tumor, including its location, invasiveness, hormone secretion, and metastasis.

    Treatments may be aimed at curing the disease or at relieving symptoms palliation. Observation may be feasible for non-functioning low grade neuroendocrine tumors.

    If the tumor is locally advanced or has metastasized, but is nonetheless slowly growing, treatment that relieves symptoms may often be preferred over immediate challenging surgeries.

    Intermediate and high grade tumors noncarcinoids are usually best treated by various early interventions active therapy rather than observation wait-and-see approach.

    Treatments have improved over the past several decades, and outcomes are improving. Detailed guidelines for managing neuroendocrine tumors are available from ESMO , [70] NCCN [71] and a UK panel.

    Even if the tumor has advanced and metastasized, making curative surgery infeasible, surgery often has a role in neuroendocrine cancers for palliation of symptoms and possibly increased lifespan.

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